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Posted by Mister Laurence on Saturday, January 31, 2009,
I can scarcely believe it!  The first episode to my community television children's show, Mister Laurence's ENCHANTED GREEN TREE FORT, has finally come to fruition!  Here's letting the world know that the crew and I had our first shoot last night, with grand results. Both Katsumi's origami demonstration and Ms. Princess Melinda's rubber band guitar creation, ran without a hitch.  Bravo, I say!  Encore!  Next week I edit what we have thus far, finishing up with a second and final video shoot o...
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Posted by Laurence Miller on Thursday, January 22, 2009,
Star Fish Fan Critique:

Next month Ms. Princess Melinda and I will be shooting a music video to the song, STAR FISH. Here's what one of our fans said of the song itself:
"The song is absolutely gorgeous!  The harmonic motion is so, so awesome and hearty!  It really moved me.  The vocals are strong and clear; the instrumentation is perfect; the mix is right on.  Your writing has always wowed me, and this song -- even though it's written for children -- is no exception.  Thanks for sending it a...
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Ms. Princess Melinda

Posted by Mister Laurence on Monday, January 12, 2009,
BREAKING NEWS: Mister Laurence is introducing a new member to his children's presentation.  That's correct.  The one and only beauty & brains of Ms. Princess Melinda!

Ms. Princess Melinda will be playing keyboards and singing harmony vocals with Mister Laurence in the months to come. She's in fact already busy brain storming with him on a number of productions. Kicking off the year, we see four mammoth projects in the wings: 
  1. Rehearsals with The Play Money Band begin next week.

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Latest News ~ January 10th 2009

Posted by Mister Laurence on Saturday, January 10, 2009,

Hey Everyone!  This is my first blog, ever!  So yeah, excuse me cuz I don't know what I'm doing!  AOK!  I will now do my best to figure out how this works, and get back shortly!

Mister Laurence
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