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Rockin' CHELSEA'S Clocktower Courtyard, again!

Posted by Mister Laurence on Saturday, August 20, 2011,
Thanks to all for coming to our rockin' show in Chelsea's Clocktower Courtyard last Thursday evening.  This was the second time this summer and we had a super blast, once again.  When asking OSO how he felt about the show, THIS is what he had to say... The highlight of our show however, was when one of our fanz handed over a portrait of my own bad self, between sets!

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Milford Memories Summer Festival!

Posted by Mister Laurence on Saturday, August 13, 2011,
Thanks to all who showed up for our gig today in Milford!  Even a couple cool friends of ours came by.  They not only enjoyed the show but they also helped us pack our gear after the show ~ THANKS!  We played three fab sets of music and gave away a huge handful of our postcards, stickers, and brochures to those attending. Here's high-hopes of playing for your town again next year!

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