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Studio Shoot 4 Teddy Bear's Picnic

Posted by Mister Laurence on Tuesday, December 20, 2011,
We had tons of fun down at Ann Arbor's community television studios last Friday, shooting yet another scene for our upcoming music video. We spread about 10 bags of leaves around OSO's drum set. He was very well composed about the whole thing, unlike the leaves which were very well decomposed.  NOTE: Below we see Ms. Princess Melinda carefully adjusting OSO's snare-arm. That OSO.  What a bear...


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Holiday Sale Fundraiser!

Posted by Mister Laurence on Tuesday, December 13, 2011,
Here we see Mister Laurence hamming it up for the camera at a local "in-home" Holiday Sale Fundraiser. He sold music CD's, music video DVD's, T-shirts, postcards, and even special prints of his own water color paintings!  There were other local fab businesses rustling up their merchandise action, too!  Loads of fundraising fun for all!  Yahoo!

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