Saturday 10/10/09

Below are a string of video stills, telling the story of this fab CD release party concert
for our musical adventures story CD, MARMALINE ~ My Music Machine"


Inspired by Maxfield Parrish's painting, AIR CASTLES.

"Just floatin' 'round without concern, which direction we will turn!"
( look at the bubble-wand in Ms. Princess Melinda's right hand! She was really causing a scene! )

"Everyone! Bubble On!"

Guitar Solo!

MARMALINE ~ My Music Machine
Inspired by his own song, FLAGHORN!

"My music machine has an audio engine!
She runs on music all day instead of guzzlin' gasoline!"

Ms. Princess Melinda seen meticulously picking each note out
to best illustrate MARMALINE's vehicular movements.

3rd song in the set and the crowd is already goin' wild.  Eye contact with the band is crucial when rockin' out this hard!



Inspired by a melody in his head as he awoke from a dream!

"Rockin' in a wonderworld where everything is fine!"

"Everybody feeling well, happy all the time!"

Duet Fanfare.  It doesn't get much better than this...

"So, if you think you're feeling down..."

"...and help you on..."

"...we'll pick you up..."  

"...all together with everyone!"

"Ho!  Ho!  Ho!  Ho!"



Their clever take on the classic kid's tune ~ TWINKLE, TWINKLE LITTLE STAR.

Mister Laurence gets the ball rolling as Ms. Princess Melinda begins to teach all the kids how to swim.

"You're not a fish, you're not a star.
How I wonder what you are?"

Her fingers go to work immediately -- just amazing!

Mister Laurence concentrates on his guitar while Ms. Princess Melinda wastes no time getting back on the keyboard again.

But before long, Ms. Princess Melinda is back at it again!

"Star Fish! Star Fish!  We wonder what you Are Fish!   Star Fish!   Star Fish!   We wonder what you Are!"

"Twinkle, Twinkle, little Star Fish, can we make a wish on you?  Underwater, shining brightly, deep inside the ocean blue."

Mister Laurence loves his brand new Star Fish shirt and his brand new electric green sparkle ITALIA MODENA "southpaw" guitar!

"Star Fish!  Star Fish!  You're the one & only Star Fish!  Star Fish!  Star Fish!  You're the one & only Star Fish Star!"
(Look at Ms. Princess Melinda's right foot!  Yikes!)


Inspired by his African Violet which blossomed twice in one season!

Mister Laurence grabs his big blue accordion,
and winds up for the pitch.

"I have a little flower I water every day.
I give it plenty of sunshine so it won't wither away."

"Grow, grow, grow you go.  Growing.  Growing."

"Grow, grow, grow you go. Growing!  Growing!  GONE!"

Inspired while cutting his friend's lawn ~ Who would have thunk!?

"We won't be afraid, we won't be afraid." 

"We won't be afraid, no we won't be afraid."

"Fear of a bumblin' bee.  I see it headed straight for me."

"And if we find we've changed our minds, we won't be afraid."

"Even if we are afraid, we won't be afraid!"

"But I know he won't hurt a fly if I just let him be!"


One of the first kids songs he ever wrote, and dedicated to himself, MISTER LAURENCE!


"I'm pouting.  I'm pouting.  I can't get what I want.  I'm angry with my mom and dad, I'm angry with everyone."

Both Ms. Princess Melinda and Mister Laurence doing their absolute best to portray the deeper meaning of the song...

"I'm still angry with my mom and dad, I'm still angry with you."

Mister Laurence points to Ms. Princess Melinda for a laugh ...

...recoiling in horrific embarrassment as he then fully
realizes the social fopah he just incurred.


Inspired by Steele Eye Span's song called "ALL AROUND MY HAT".

Below are four priceless stills in succession, clearly demonstrating both Ms. Princess Melinda's high volume "metso forte",
and why Mister Laurence so dearly needed a conductor's baton. 
Check out Ms. Princess Melinda's fancy footwork!




And finally, revelation comes to bare...
"The sky is in the sky!  And that's all right!


Every CD of theirs has a new and different version of this particular number! 

"Silver lining comfy pillow play.  Close our eyes and dream the world away.  We'll be dreaming, again.  We'll be dreaming, again."

"We'll be here sleeping away the day.
Rain or shine won't matter either way."

"We'll be dreaming, again...
 We'll be dreaming, again."



And, their last number...

"You've been a lovely audience!  Thanks for showing up this morning at Nicola's Books!  Get your stars out!  This is our last song!"

"Stand under! In wonder!  I'm wondering what you are!  Stand under!  In wonder!  My little twinkling star!"

"At night the largest light...

"In daytime twice as bright...

... is a balloon we call the moon." 

...the sun all afternoon." 

And then, the whole performance ends with a majestic guitar solo! 

"Good Night!

I mean ... Good Morning, everyone!"

The crowd goes wild...